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All my soaps are handcrafted in small batches using the finest natural ingredients.  I only use food grade ingredients, and all palm oil is certified organic and sustainably harvested.  Even the colors and scents are all natural!  Each luxurious soap bar is vegan and weighs at least 4.5 oz. (Please note that the Sumptuous Swimmer's Shampoo contains emu oil and is not vegan)

True soap is created from a chemical reaction (saponification) between fats (my oils) and a base (sodium hydroxide). I use the hot process method, which adds heat to the saponification, which speeds the process.  There are benefits to both the cold process method and the hot process method, but one thing I like about the hot process method is that I can add my superfatting butters and my essential oils after saponification is complete, thus not putting them through the chemical reaction.

My soap will clean you wonderfully without stripping and drying your skin like so many store bought soaps do! In fact, the blend of oils gives a wonderful lather that actually conditions as it cleans.  And, most importantly, you can pronounce every ingredient in my soap.  You can’t say that about many store bought soaps!  No petroleum derivatives or synthetic chemicals here!  Just natural oils,scents, and colors.

As I do create my soaps in small batches and natural colorants can have some variation in how they turn out, your soap may look slightly different than the picture.  They won’t be substantially different, though, and they will be the same where it counts – they look beautiful, smell beautiful, and are beautiful on your skin!

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