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Gentle sweet smelling soap perfect for your outdoor adventures! The main essential oils I used are anise, which is said to kill human scent, and citronella, which is supposed to repel. What a bonus that the combination smells soooo good!

Please be aware that this year's soap is much more buff/blue than yellow/green, as shown in the first photo. Other than that it looks pretty much the same!

This listing is for one incredible bar of soap. If you would like more please contact me and I'll be happy to oblige!

Summer Soap Outdoorsman

Out of Stock
  • olive oil, canola oil, palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide, anise/citronella/eucalyptus/patchouli /lavender/lemongrass/cedar/geranium essential oils, turmeric, cocoa, and indigo

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