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Beautiful chakra rainbow bead crochet necklace! This lovely beaded rope is made with hundreds of top quality glass seed beads. It's seven color rainbow represents the colors of the chakra - Violet for Head, Indigo for Third Eye, Blue for Throat, Green for Chest, Yellow for Solar Plexis, Orange for Sacred and Red for Base. It is also a bright and lovely necklace, whether you're into Eastern Indian mythology or not! The 22 karat gold plated end caps and toggle closure give the perfect finishing touch to this wearable art. This is a beautiful piece that will brighten your day! The necklace is 3/8" in diameter and about 18 1/4" from end to end, which gives a wear length of about 17 3/4".

Bead Crochet Necklace, Chakra Rainbow Twist

  • glass seed beads, heavy duty polyester carpet thread, and 22 kt gold plated end caps and toggle clasp


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